Monday, 9 January 2012

Welcome to the Dirty Earth

The Dirty Earth are an original rock outfit established in July 2011 and hail from Sydney, Australia. With numerous years of experience between them, they craft a unique sound combining elements of garage rock with a powerful twist of soulful, soaring, vocals that set the band apart from other original rock bands on the Sydney live music scene today.

The Dirty Earth delivers an impressive show in the tradition of classic "Aussie rock". Inspired by music spanning numerous genres, across many generations and many countries, the bands members share a common affection for traditional rock and cite artists such as the MC5, Rolling Stones & Thin Lizzy as being influential on them.

Comparisons have been made to other iconic female fronted Australian rock bands but as they say, seeing is truly believing. So, if you love your music with a biting blitzkrieg of chugging distorted guitars, flecked with powerful, velvety, vocals - The Dirty Earth will not disappoint.

Mandy - Vocals
Jim - Bass
Raff - Guitar
Harvey - Drums

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