Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Check us out on Unearthed!

Dirty Earthlings, we have uploaded 3 songs to JJJ's unearthed. Checked them out and give them a play! It is a free download!

+ Unearthed +

Check out the review below on Apocalypto from the JJJ website. Cool!

rating: 5/5 Stars

This is impeccable 'stoner' song writing backed up by some of the most outstanding, gutsy, female vocals I've heard in Aussie rock for a bloody long time. I'd be surprised if there weren't plenty of Monster Magnet albums in the collections of the members of this band with the 'space rock' influence being most apparent in this single. Riffin' fuzz guitar at it's very best. Loved the solo (5 stars!). Clever use of light and shade - dynamics get a nod. Don't lose the fella behind the kit, and the fat, bottom-end provided by the bass is the cherry on top. Great song. Great band. Good luck to 'em.

05 Feb, 2013

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